Banning Cluster Bombs

In the interests of joining hands against evil, The Nawawi Center joined the NZ Presbyterian Church and dozens of other faith groups and NGOs as signatories to an statement of official rejection to the international use of cluster bombs.

In one month’s time, governments from around the world will meet to negotiate a total ban on cluster bombs, weapons that pose unacceptable harm to civilians.  As people of faith, we raise our voices for the protection of life and the promotion of peace by calling on all governments, and especially New Zealand, to secure the strongest possible prohibition on the production, transfer, stockpiling, and use of cluster bombs these weapons.
Cluster bombs or munitions are large weapons that release dozens or hundreds of smaller bomblets.  Dropped from the air or launched from the ground, they maim and kill combatants and civilians alike.  Many bomblets fail to explode on impact as designed and instead can remain active (like landmines) for decades, endangering lives, hampering post-conflict reconstruction, and hindering development.