Eid Community Dinner 2015

The NC team helped the Canterbury Muslim Community Trust host an Eid celebration.

With roughly 160 in attendance, the hall was packed. We asked families to register precious art or heirlooms they could bring and we prepared descriptions of their items beforehand for browsing and viewing.

Special guests from the police, government, and NGOs were invited to take part and enjoy the variety of food, culture, performances and art.

Here are some of the feedback we received

“It was a lovely event, Masha’allah. This is to hoping these events become regular features that help the community connect.”

“ I loved the decorations and the idea of having artworks on display, the variety of food and desserts was really good as well.”

“What I liked the most is how the men was taking the lead in the kitchen at the event , distributing/setting out the food on the tables etc (i’m use to seeing the women do it) so I was quite impressed.”

“This event was well organised and…so…..im HOPING there will be another eid event, maybe for Eid al adha insha-Allah. Jazakallah khair for the people who organised this event. You have really made this eid a memorable one for me and my family :)♡”

“Mashaallah, just want to say thank you to all people from nawawi center who organise the eid party this evening. I’ve been in Christchurch for 12 years and this celebration was one of the best. Mashaallah, it was well organised, food was great. The entertainment was nice too. Well everything was great!!!! Me and my family really enjoyed the party.”

“Everyone I spoke to was very positive and complimentary about how well it was organised! I think it was a very successful night and showed there is definitely a need for events like this for the community. The non-Muslim guests we invited all enjoyed themselves and will hopefully pass this on to their wider networks as well. The food was outstanding. Great effort from everyone who was involved, thanks!”

“We very much enjoyed the evening, the food and the opportunity to meet people. The atmosphere was very friendly and cheerful, as befits the occasion of the Eid. I believe the community will benefit from such events in the future.”

“It has been a while since we had anything like this in Christchurch. We loved the diversity in food, clothes, colours and art corner. Looking forward to more organised and beneficial events in the near future. Jazakumullakhair to the Nawawicenter Team.”

Check a video made by one of our volunteers here:

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