Eid Festival Foodstalls

Assalaamu alaykum everyone.

It has been a  pretty busy week for me trying to finalise registrations for the food and non food stalls! But mashaaallah, we had more than 20 stalls signed up.


Trying hard to make sure that the stalls from one particular country, will not be selling the same menu!  We don’t want competition, we want everyone to share the diversity!

Looking forward to the try all the food from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Turkiye, Jordan/Palestine, Morocco, Afghan, NZ and more to come.  Lots of varieties:  main dishes, sweets , snacks, savouries. Closing date for registration is tomorrow, Tuesday 2nd September.

Hurry if you’re still thinking of registering! Stall registrations closing soon!

Click here to register a stall