Go Green Expo 2015

As Muslims, we believe that we should care about the earth so the Nawawi Center have always taken sustainability issues seriously and believe small actions can have a big effect. Where possible we try to reduce our carbon footprint with small efforts like recycling and taking home organics from our events or using biodegradable plates.

In this spirit, and to get some ideas for our Eid festival next month, the NC team attended the Go Green Expo on the 16th of August to get up to date with everything green. There was a wide variety of stalls, from organic food to renewable energy to cruelty free beauty products.

There was much sampling of foods but here are some of our favourite buys:




Viberi NZ organic blackcurrants (www.viberi.co.nz)

Delicious freezedried berries that taste better than any other berries we’ve had before! Smoothies will never be the same again.





Tohi Earl Grey organic fairtrade chocolate (www.tohi.be/tohi_en)

Smooth, strong dark chocolate with a rich aroma. Easy on the conscience too, knowing that they are fairtrade.





Aroha Sparkling Feijoa (www.arohadrinks.co.nz)

Hands down the best sparkling feijoa fizzy we’ve ever tasted. We love this locally made beverage so much that it just might be available at our Eid festival next month…



Stay tuned for future projects under our Back 2 Earth program!