Helping the Homeless

Help for the Homeless, Christchurch do some great community service for the city. This project is run by a group of dedicated Kiwis, and was introduced to the Nawawi Center by active community member Sr. Denise Jaeger.  Help for the Homeless aims to feed the ones in need, bringing communities together as one.

The Nawawi Center hopped on board, calling for volunteers from the local Muslim community.

On the 9th of August, the team gathered people who were interested in donating and cooking hot meals with great help from Mrs. Sanaa who will continue coordinate and provide hot meals on the 1st Sunday of every month, hand in hand with the Nawawi Center and the Canterbury Muslimah Network (CMN).

The ladies cooked up a delicious feast for the dozens of homeless and hungry in the city


One of the volunteers told us it was an amazing dinner,  “…it was sleeting on and off and so very cold, but the wonderful food on offer kept everyone coming back for more.

“Such an eclectic mix, there was a delicious spag bol from Kerry and the team at Pineacres, roasties, a mince dish, and gorgeous dishes from a group of women from the Nawawi Center – chicken curry, middle eastern rice, and then desserts, both Kiwiana and other.”

One of the attendees, Garry, had his 50th birthday on the same week and asked one of the volunteers to give a blessing. Thank you to Rana who recited the opening chapter, Al-Fatiha, from the Qur’an and made the night memorable.

A big thank you to all of the kind souls who offered their time, food, energy and culinary skills to help!

The Nawawi Center will be organising monthly dinners on the first Sunday of the month and are welcoming people who want to sponsor, cook and/or serve the homeless on the 6th of September, and 4th of October from 6:30pm in the central city.

Please contact Jumayah ( if you are interested. This is a great opportunity to give back to the city and community!

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