Support us, buy our drinks

Assalaamu’alaykum everyone,

We had to think of innovative ways to raise funds to help run this event financially.

Someone suggested, lets run the drink stalls! Yeah, fantastic idea.

So here we are planning it!

Ayesha Jones has been busy making the menu for the different drinks we think we should have in the Nawawi Cafeteria. We have all the usual stuff, then we thought how about milk shake or should it be ice cream?? How much should we sell it for? how big a cup, how many scoops of ice cream in a shake? It just went on and on. Never thought running a drink stall would be this difficult.

LOL. Anyway, after calculating all the minute details on costs , quantity, quality etc. Its all sorted now. Phew!

We then had to vote on what to name the stalls. Finally, the  Drink Zone stall will be selling cold drinks in the hall (The Bazaar) with the rest of the food stalls.
The Nawawi Cafeteria (on the same level as the hall),  will run a café selling all the hot and cold drinks catering for everyone’s need.

It will be affordable. And will also cater for those who prefer the higher end types of drinks: organic drinks.

Watch this space. More news coming up soon! The OTHER cafe?