Sussing out the Safety

Alongside Nadiah, I unwittingly landed myself into the role of “Health and Safety Officer” for the
Canterbury Eid Festival!

We’ve got off to a cracking start by sussing out a first aid kit just in case any of you fellas get hurt during the event. We’ve got several first-aiders on the team so your safety is in good hands (worst case scenario there is a 600 bed hospital right across the road from our venue).

Be rest assured, the chance of anyone getting hurt at this event is highly unlikely! (biithnillah!)

Apart from that, relevant health & safety issues include having responsible adults manning the foam gladiator pit (officially known as the Arena) and the highly popular bouncy castle so you can go grab a feed while the kids run wild.

Also we’ll be sure to identify and list all potential hazards before the event and potentially minimise the risk of any harm.

All this fiddly stuff is to be as sure as possible that on 27th September there is no place you or your kids would rather be.

More details posted here