Final word on the Eid Festival

Salam, a final update from us, as Eid is this Friday and Saturday we will be full on setting everything up for the festival on Sunday.

The response we’ve been getting has been amazing, our page views numbering in the thousands.  We have even been interviewed by the Canterbury Star, so it looks like this event will be a great step forward to opening up the Muslim community to the wider kiwi community too.

Tasks for the eid festival

I am incredibly proud of my team who have been working super-duper hard this last two weeks, putting in crazy hours on top of their busy lives to make sure this event is as well organized and eventful as it can be. (See our task board above! for a peek!).  We’re still  working late into the night outside our days jobs and school hours to get all this ready for you.

But without further ado, here are two important sections of the brochure for the day. The agenda and the map layout.  We hope this helps you plan your day.


And Eid mubarak! We can’t wait to see you there to enjoy everything my team has put into this.


Over and Out until this Sunday!

Zayid and the NC team


P.S Make sure you tell us if you’re coming on facebook!


map medium res