DeenQuest is here!

Long time fans of Nawawi Center will know what the DeenQuest is all about. After all, a retreat without the DeenQuest is no retreat at all.

Well, now this popular challenge race is part of the upcoming Eid Festival too!

But whether you are a long time fan or not, throw out what you know about the DeenQuest. Because it has been re-imagined from the ground up.

Abdifatah and I have put our heads together to create a fun and challenging game for you to enjoy this Eid. There will be prizes for the winners, but who cares? Everyone knows that the real goal here is GLORY!

So what is the DeenQuest?

DeenQuest is a hands-on game where teams race against each other to gather the most DeenPoints. The first team to get to 25 DeenPoints wins!

In the past, it was designed to be a treasure hunt, and we’ve taken it a step further this year by adding a bunch of entertaining challenges. There will be 3 categories, Body, Mind & Spirit. Within each category, there are 5 challenges, each worth a certain number of DeenPoints. The more DeenPoints, the more difficult the challenge.

After choosing, teams must go head-to-head with the DeenGuard of that challenge. DeenGuards are legendary, highly trained individuals who have dedicated their lives to being the keepers of the DeenPoints. Only by defeating them and earning their respect, will they award a team with DeenPoints.


DeenGuards can be seen standing at their posts. The Warrior, will be at The Arena, ready to take on any challenger. You can find the Guru at DeenQuest head quarters, but he will probably already be expecting you. And as for the DeenGuard Spy, well, nobody really knows much about this evasive individual…

I hope you are as excited as we are to launch this brand revised version of this always-popular game at the upcoming Eid Festival.

Pull out your thinking caps, dust off your boxing gloves, and unfold your prayer mats because the DeenQuest is here to challenge your Mind, Body and Soul!

Entry is cheap, and spaces are limited so register now so you’re guaranteed a spot!


  • Open to all, male and female.
  • $15 Registration fee per team
  • A maximum of 5 people per team allowed, you must organize your own teams on the day!
  • All ages can join the DQ, but the questions can be quite tough for those below 11yrs old…
  • So if your child is below 11 years, they might want to take part in the kids version with their friends instead!!

Find out more about the upcoming Festival here


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