Aims of the Eid Festival Project

The Canterbury Eid Festival is a new project aimed at providing large scale events on the advent of the two Eids.  Let’s review the need for such a project in this blog post.


Canterbury’s Eid History

Our community has experienced a whole range of Eid days. There have been memorable events sometimes, and…ones we’d rather not talk about.  This project aims to create a consistently memorable event for the muslim families of Christchurch.

Christchurch prides  itself  for  its  ability  to  showcase  diversity  within  its  major  cultural  and  religious  events,  such   as  the  Multicultural Galore event, Cultural Lantern  Festival  and  Diwali Festival.  The Canterbury Eid Festival has  the  potential  to  open  its  doors  to  a  larger  community,  representing  Islam  and  its  highly  regarded  festivities.

The event will offer a wide variety  of  games,  food  stalls,  educational  displays,  and  a  collection  of  stage shows presenting diverse cultural performances, appealing to all family members from children to adults alike.

This  event  is,  and  will  remain, a  non-­profit  endeavour  with  the  main purpose  to  serve  and  bring  together the Muslim community on the joyous occasion of Eid.



Our Eid festival project started up to achieve a wide range of aims.  All very important and close to our hearts:

1. Create a Family Focus

At the moment there is no large scale festival for muslim families in Canterbury throughout the year.  The Eids are a perfect reason to have one!  We hope to give muslim families a joyous occasion they can cherish together with activities, games, stalls, foods and performances..

2. Community Revival11219609_10153488774008739_2305116700485769192_n

We need a sense of collective community for the muslims in Christchurch and wider Canterbury. Our team and its supporters believe this project is critical for the Canterbury Muslim community whose community spirit  feels suppressed due to the earthquakes and lack of activity.

3. Develop Identity

This event can provide muslim children and young adults a stronger sense of pride for their identity and reconnect them with their cultures and community.  We want Eid to be ‘not just some other day’ for our children but something they can remember as they grow up here in New Zealand.  Something to increase their connection with Islam and the muslim community, our cultural corners and treasure hunt for example interact with interesting artifacts and trivia related to Islam’s rich cultural history.


4. Connect with NZ’s Wider Community

Although primarily for Muslims in canterbury, this project is a great opportunity to give others outside the Muslim community an opportunity to experience the life and joy that can be found in the muslim community.  This festival is a great bridge building exercise with great potential to improve relations and perceptions with the local kiwi community.

5. Portray a Positive Media Story

Muslims and Islam get a lot of media attention lately due to the global politics and atrocities highlighted and proclaimed to be in our name.  A festival can create a positive profile in the media to counter negative perceptions, something our team will be following up on with our friends in government and local media outlets.

6. Stimulate Muslim Businesses

Many of our Muslim ancestors were entrepreneurial traders and for here in Christchurch this quality has proven still evident.  We will  be drawing from a huge list of potential food stall owners, sole traders and businesses that deserve your support, and  the Eid festival can provide a positive avenue for these local muslim entrepreneurs to build their profile.


Target Audience

According to recent research there are an estimated 3000 muslims in Christchurch. Our marketing team’s aim is to ensure every muslim in canterbury knows of our eid events through every possible channel.

The organizing committee will be using facebook’s event invite tool as our primary marketing method, but we will be also advertising via posters, local businesses, government contacts, email marketing, text marketing and more to reach every corner of our community.

Our Volunteers199946_8490367174_6814_n

Our planning team of 20 team members have been working hard whenever and wherever we can and without any financial gain to make this event as smooth as possible.

Check out our blog to go behind the scenes and catch up on our volunteer’s hard work in preparation for this event.

On the day itself  over 50  extra volunteers  from the community have registered to  be  involved  in  the  running  of  the  event… but we may need more for such a huge event!

To express your interest them please register here…….or head back to Eid Festival Details!