Eid for the kids!

Wondering what’s in store for the kids?

Let this page clear it all up for you.

But first, let’s be honest. What’s the first, and maybe only, thing on every kid’s mind?

Sweets of course! Luckily our lovely Sr. Juliana will be having a candy floss stall for the kids.  And of course the Bazaar will carry a range of sweets, cakes, donuts, milkshakes etc etc etc that they can buy for cheap community prices…but don’t worry, there’ll be all sorts of activities for them to burn off their energy…

Outdoor Activities for example!  We’ll have volunteer coordinators on the day hosting a range of activities like a basketball shootout, a can knocking,  competition, dodgeball, and tug of war for the children in the field at the back of the building.   There will also be a special coloring competition on the day! All provided for free by our lovely volunteers.

And of course, what is Eid without a Bouncy castle?? Alhamdulillah, also sponsored free for the community!  Let’s pray that the weather will be good,  so we can have it outside inshaaAllah!

We’ll also have a Foam Gladator Pit on the day! It’s very very fun, they can have a go at fighting their friends in this gladiator arena.  They could also make a team and be a part of the Deenquest treasure hunt!  Or you could register your whole family as a team!  These will cost a few dollars each to enter….but the experience will be worth it!

If they get bored of that, we’ve booked “Chad” the clown, that we managed to get for free!  He’s bringing face painting and balloons to keep the kids entertained for two whole hours during the event.

Don’t forget there will be a range of performances they can be entertained with, including a children’s martial arts performance, and lots of nasheeds!

I’m not done yet!~

How about our friendly community policemen?  You might get a ride in their car and wear the police uniform he’ll be bringing along!

Their cousins the Fire Engine guys will also be coming to join us and will be showing a special fire demonstration with their ‘kitchen truck on fire’ demo!!


Lots of fun coming your children’s way, inshaaAllah, so make sure you are joined up to the event on facebook!

Or if you need to know more, head back to the Eid page by clicking here!