Henna Station!

Salaam everyone,

This Eid festival there will be a henna station! My sister Zakkiyya and I have put our hands up for this task and we hope it’ll be a big hit! We’ve always done henna on ourselves and family friends on Eid as its one of our family traditions so we thought this would be a really good idea. Countless Eid’s we have seen henna as being an extremely popular activity amongst the youth, so we thought this Eid festival would be a great opportunity for those who have not yet tried this and also for those who may not have access to it.

Currently we are trying to decide on what designs to do. Instead of making the pattern up on the spot (and possibly make a mistake haha) we have decided to create three original designs. By getting inspiration from existing designs and adding our own ideas into it, we will create patterns which we hope you guys will like. We are also deciding on the prices. This will be really affordable and will vary with every design ranging from hardest to lowest.  The easiest design is mainly targeted for kids and the hardest is for those who have a a little bit of extra time on their hands. But you know, the choice is yours!


So far we have not decided on the specifics such as price and other boring details but this will be clear very soon.

Insha Allah we hope you will enjoy your time at the Eid Festival and don’t forget to visit us at the henna station! 🙂


For more information on the Eid festival visit the Facebook event here! , and if you want to help out on the day click here! ~