Interfaith Society Potluck Dinner


Last week my friend invited me to a potluck dinner organised by the Christchurch Interfaith Society (CIS) held at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I was really looking forward to meet exciting new people and getting to know those of other faiths. When I got to the church, I was quite surprised by how many people were there of many different faith, but also nice to see some familiar faces e.g. Sister Bertha (from the Catholic parish) and Dianne who heads the Interfaith Society.

The event started with a prayer recitation and a small welcome speech before we watched a TEDx talk titled The Interfaith Amigos while having dinner. Most of the food spread was vegetarian so that made it easy for me! After the doco session, the host gave a brief presentation about the structure of the Society as well as their plan for the rest of the year. It’s exciting to see that they’ve lined up an event for every month and I can envision Nawawi Center being quite active with CIS and making itself more visible in the community.

I’ve subscribed to their mailing list so will definitely inform you guys if there’s any exciting event coming up. Stay tuned!