Performances for the Canterbury Eid Festival

Salams everyone!

Want to know what’s in store for you in terms of performances at the Festival?  

Performances happening at the Eid festival will include Martial Arts (Malay and Chinese), Traditional Indonesian cultural dance, Speeches, Hajj re-enactment by kindergarten children from the local An-nur Childcare Centre and nasheeds and Eid songs sung by both children and adults! 

We have quite a lot of performances lined up ranging from all different cultures such as Moroccan, Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Palestinian, Singapore and many more!


You will definitely see the variety of cultures at the Festival 😉

We have 12 performances happening in total including the New Zealand Fire service show where they will show us a Fire Safety presentation! They will also be having an Evacuation challenge where there’ll be an inflatable structure and children/parents crawl through a maze in it following a plan.

Performances will start at 10:30am and will end at 2:30pm. We will be having 2 stages for performances, upstairs and downstairs, and they will be running at different times throughout the day. So the event will be quite busy!

Each performance will be different so we will get to see a taste of different culture! There will be a kids cultural parade near the end of the event too where you child can show off their Eid clothes proudly.

Even though we are a small Muslim community, Christchurch is quite culturally diverse mashaAllah. There are people from Egypt, Morocco, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Singapore, Chinese, Pakistan, Fiji, Sri Lanka, South Africa and sooooo much more!

Our Nawawi Center team itself is diverse from New Zealand, Singapore, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Somalia and South Africa!

So come along to the festival and see the entertainment we have in store for you 🙂

Check out the event page and let us know you’re coming if you’re on facebook

Otherwise just … show up!

Festival details here

Wa alaykom asalam