Photobooth Fun!

 Salaam everyone,

This Eid festival there will be a photo booth! This photobooth is there for you all to have fun with your family and friends and also to capture those special memories. My task this week is to think of cool prop ideas that will make the photo booth 10x better! With the help of Amaani and Waleed’s brains we hopefully will have really fun props for you all to experiment with. 🙂

So far on the brainstorm list we have things like Instagram inspired photo frames, chalkboards to write your own personal message, hats, wigs, mustache’s, headpieces and many more.

These ideas we thought would be really enjoyable and unique so I hope you guys will like them to!

Our next step is to finalize the main props and also we need to try and figure out where to buy them (which will probably be the $2 shop as it is basically prop paradise hahaha).  Also, just as a little fun task, Amaani and I was thinking to DIY what we can just to save a little money!

So Insha Allah you guys will enjoy having your own personal photo shoot in the photo booth with your family and friends! 😊


If you take your own photo dont forget to include #ChchEidFestival and also feel free to tag us on our Instagram @nawawicenter!~

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