Stand with Ahmed This Eid

By now many around the world would have heard of a brown, muslim boy who built a clock to impress his teachers.

The infuriating story of a young boy getting arrested under the pre-tense that the clock he assembled and brought to school was a bomb attempt.

That really struck a nerve.

Not only because we know so many ‘Ahmads’ personally.

Not only because many in our current NC Team are still in high school.

But also because every single person in our team admitted to having faced different forms of racism and islamaphobia, right here in NZ.

…and that’s not including being stopped for ‘random’ checkups at the airport.

Inspired by this, and although we are all drowning in work related to the Eid Festival, I asked the team in charge of the Cultural Crossroads lounge to do something about it…

It’s only a small gesture considering the time we have but the team managed to put together an informative display of various special clocks built by famous muslim scientists in honour of Ahmed.

For the many allies we have in the government, police, universities and wider community who we’ve invited to attend, we really hope the importance of stamping out bigotry and the effects it has on stifling creativity and ingenuity is highlighted to them.


Make sure you attend the Canterbury Eid festival to see our display amongst the hundreds of other things you can see, eat and do on the day!