Calling for a united approach towards the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Sad. Angry. Disappointed.

Many emotions raged through the world as we viewed the recent photos of drowned children that is but the tip of the iceberg. The large and complex tragedy ties in to geopolitics, sectarianism, resource grabs, religious manipulation and even global warming, which few realise was actually the trigger for protests in the first place.

Calling for a united approach towards the Syrian Refugee Crisis, the Changemakers Refugee Forum asked Nawawi Center to sign on to an important open letter requesting a coordinated, long term approach to government sectors addressing the refugee crisis, something we gladly put our name towards.

“It is great to see such spirit from every day New Zealanders caring about the refugee crisis. We as New Zealanders have an obligation to ensure that people seeking protection are provided not only the immediate but also long-term support that they require. This can only happen with the wider sector coming together. We can support the government to do this job better, but we need to be invited to the table, and now.”

Tayyaba Khan, CEO of CRF

See the full blog post here.


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