Talk it out!

Assalamualaikum and hey everyone!

Not too long to go now and the team is feeling the excitement! We had a workshop on Monday at Mama Jones’ house and the energy is just amazing. Everyone’s on a real good buzz and it’s good to see the team in positive spirits.

Having that said, organizing an event always a mission. When you’re working with a team of 20 people, you’re bound to have some passionate discussion (read: arguments) between team members and that’s okay. What I like about this team here is that even though we argue, we don’t take it personally (well, not that I’m aware of!). We all want the same thing and are reaching the same goal which is to provide a fantabulous Eid Festival for everyone!
Excellent communication between team members is absolutely critical to ensure a successful event (or business, or friendships, etc…).

So on Monday, we were divided into groups and each group were given LEGO pieces to build a structure. Within the group there were a team of architects, a runner, and a team of builders. My team (Team name: WINNER) consists of Assayal, Salaamah, AbuBakr, Abdi and myself.

The architect builds the structure and the runner has to communicate exactly what he’s seen to the builder, which is in another room. The aim is to have a both structures resembling each other.

I have to say AbuBakr did a fantastic job being a runner (bless them African roots). Below is a picture of what the architects build and what the builder build with the info from AbuBakr:

20150914_191905 PRETTY GOOD RIGHT?! So proud of my team!!

Having said that, I can’t be bias. The other team did pretty well too. As Zayid said, this is just a glimpse of what’s going to happen on the event day. We have to communicate well to ensure that the event runs smoothly. There will be things that will happen that is out of our control or not on the agenda and we just have to adapt to the change and react accordingly.



Take home messages from the exercise were:

  • Be patient,
  • Keep calm -don’t lose your cool,
  • Communicate clearly and concisely.
  • Ask questions if you don’t understand a task.

Seeing what the team have achieved based on Monday night – I think we’re sweet. 🙂

Not too long now – let’s keep going!

LET’S GO NC TEAM! Bismillah.