Unleash your Inner Warrior

When I first heard that we were going to be organising an Eid event, my first thought was, “Ugh, not another boring event..”. I didn’t want to organise a mediocre event for the sake of it, I wanted it to be GREAT.

Well its a good thing everyone else had the same thought.

The team has been working day and night and the Canterbury Eid Festival is coming together spectacularly!

One of my main concerns from the beginning was that the day should be fun for Eid-goers of all ages. Kids have a bouncy castle, Adults have food stalls and cultural exhibitions. But what about young adults, who constantly struggle to balance their inner adult and inner child. Their heart is is telling them to run wild, but their brain is stopping them from embarrassing themselves.

Well after a couple (or a dozen) donuts from the Donut Boutique, I’m pretty sure which side will win…

So I came up with a solution. The Arena. A place where no one will judge you for unleashing your inner warrior.


Don’t be shy, give it a go! Eid-goers of all ages are welcome to jump on in.

You can probably guess where I’ll be most of the day…


What are you waiting for? Find out more and register for the Eid event here!