What’s happening?

Assalaamu’alaykum Everyone,

The Canterbury Eid Festival will be coming soon, inshaaAllah.

It will not be as BIG as the Auckland EID Festival. But we hope to achieve similarly in a smaller scale , inshaaAllah.


One of the reasons why we started this project is because we felt sorry for our children and grandchildren.  EID days were simply another boring day. And that was the same too for my own children when they were teenagers.


I have been in Christchurch for the last ten years, and have been wishing for something organised and fun especially for the young ones, to happen.


So, inshaaAllah, in about two weeks time, we will have the FIRST Eid Festival in Christchurch catering for all the Muslims, and we are opening our doors to our non Muslim friends and neighbours too.


With a team of about 15 people aged between 18 to 60, we have been working hard to put together this event with minimal finance. We are a non profit organisation.


This event will not be successful without your support. We are putting in a lot of time and effort to bring the community together. We hope that everyone from the young to the old would have something they would enjoy at the event.


Just a peep at what to expect:


In the BAZAAR, there will be more than 20 food stalls owned by our diverse Muslim community. Food prices will not be more than $5 per item.


There will be clothings stalls and other non food stall, henna hand painting, Arabic calligraphy, exhibitions of Muslim ladies and Children Artwork.


Sign up for The DeenQuest (similar to a Treasure hunt) for Adults and children teams. There will be two sessions going during the day.


Have a go at the Arena (Gladiator Pit). Survival of the strongest.


There will be other ongoing activities on the stage.


The Women VIP Room on  the Mezzanine Floor.

Especially for Moms and Babies who need privacy, prayer room, toys for toddlers, a quite spot for ladies to hang out.


The Cafeteria will be selling hot and cold drinks for the day. Affordable prices.

(We do NOT support Nestle products, Coca cola etc.) So we have our own special punch drink made just for you. We promote and support local owned drinks and products. We try to be eco-friendly by using biodegradable cups and products too.


The Cultural Crossroads will be upstairs. A room full of cultural display, artefacts, documentaries running all day. about Islam, traditional clothes, try a hijab session.


While you are there, try our traditional drinks and sweets @ the Crossroads Cafe. Bring your non Muslim friends and neighbours here after they have tried all the different foods downstairs at the Bazaar.


Other activities that day will be stage performances by adults and children, nasheeds, bouncy castle (depend on weather) , Police desk , Firemen demonstration. and many more!


Check out our project page for more info:



Sign up if you are going on Facebook:



and check out our behind the scene blogs.



And if you can’t make it, please make doa that everything will go smoothly.


Jazakallakhair for reading.