HLP16 Info

The Holiday Learning Programme (HLP2016)

The Theme for this Holiday Learning Programme in January 2016 will be “Footsteps of the Prophet”. Our main objective will be to introduce the children to the Prophet, his Life, his honourable character, his Sunnah and hopefully by the end of the week, the children will love and want to emulate and implement his Sunnah into their daily lives,  inshaaAllah.



The activities and lessons are split into several topics to create a balanced and varied program. The theme “Footsteps of the Prophet” will be integrated into all the subjects to give a balance of the mind, spirit and body.


We will set up Learning stations as below:

Station One: (STAGE) Daily Assembly Point

Daily morning get together, Learn  a Dua and Hadith a day


Station Two: (Quran reading/memorisation)

Memorise a short surah from the Quran


Station Three:  (Social Studies)

The Prophet’ Life and his prophetic ways, how it affects our lives today.

How was the Prophet brought up, how did  he live, how were the people at that time, how was the society different or similar to what we are now. Exploring & comparing the past and the present. Create drama, skits, artwork


Station Four: (His Character/ Adab)

We aim to  learn what the Prophet (pbuh) did and what he taught others.  We will teach the children to emulate the Prophet’s ways of adab / good manners and the significance and importance of following the Prophet’s ways  as muslims living in a non Muslim country


Station Five: (Art & Craft)

Children will be able to create any artwork from what they have learnt about the Prophet’s character, life and sunnah or anything related to the Prophet eg. Posters, drawing arabic calligraphy, Art & craft using any art medium.  We hope to allow the children to use their creativity and have fun! (Artwork will be exhibited on Sunday for parents)


Station Six: (Health & Body)

Learning the Prophet’s way of keeping clean, healthy habits that he observed, the wholesome & healthy food that he ate, and his way of eating, etc


Station Seven: (Science & the Universe)

What the Prophet taught in the Quran related to Science eg. How Adam was made, the separation of the sea, baby foetus, the universe and the galaxies, the splitting of the moon. (Posters to be exhibited on Sunday for parents)


Station 8: (Sports/Activities)  OUTDOORS

Getting active is one of our main goals in the NC Kids Club so that children are always moving. We will have activities and games integrated into all our subjects to keep the children on their feet and engaged. Outdoor Sports activities such as soccer,basketball , team sports will also be included to enable children to gain physical stamina, motor skills and learn to work as a team whilst enjoying the outdoors.  Martial arts will also be included.


DeenQuest – The Treasure Hunt!

A well designed and tested treasure hunt race has been planned for the last day of the program that is guaranteed to leave exciting memories for your children!


The Sunday Souq  & Parents Day on Sunday 24th January

Children will be given tokens throughout the week based on their positive learning, performance & behavior. These can be exchanged to “buy” little items spread out in the Souq/Market that will be happening at the same venue.  A really fun way to motivate them to be their best!  Check out the here for more details.


What now?

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