Summer Souq: Things To Do

Salaams everyone and hello!

Been a while since my last post ay? Hope everyone is well Insya Allah and in good spirits!

We’re in the last couple of weeks to the Souq now and excitement is building up! AJ and I have prepared loads of fun activities for you and your family to take part in and enjoy at the Souq. Let’s hope the weather is on our side on Sunday the 24th!

Don’t worry if you’re not into hanging out in the sun, we’ve got indoor activities for the youngins to enjoy too. If you came to our Eid Festival last year,  you would’ve possibly noticed the Gladiator Pit located at the corner of the Bazaar area. Unfortunately, we didn’t quite get the same Gladiator Pit this time around BUT there will be another structure *coughs*castle*coughs* there for parents to drop their children off while they have some downtime and a feed. Run free, my child!

20160111_181834One activity that I’m really looking forward to watch involves this piece of device pictured on the left.

When was the last time you played tug-of-war? Ages ago for me that’s for sure! Now, when was the last time you’ve played FOUR-WAY tug-of-war? Never? Well, have we got a game for you to try!

Gather a team of 4 and take part in the competition!! Safety first, so don’t worry, we’ll provide some cloth for you to wrap around your hands to avoid burns and other possible injuries.

There’s only a few sessions available for this activity so get your mates together and battle it out on the field. Make sure that you get in quick before space runs out!

We will make all updates on our Facebook Summer Souq 2016 events page so make sure you click on “Going” to confirm your attendance. You will be able to see our updates and instructions on how to register, within the next few days.

I’m getting really excited guys! Share this event with your friends and family and hope to see you all there!