Statement On The Recent Terrorists Attacks

From Paris, Turkey, Baghdad and now even the holy City of the Prophet and two other locations in Saudi itself, extreme and desperate individuals with little understanding of Islam have perpetrated the most heinous of acts.

It is a sad day for humanity as it has been whenever these things occur.

But do not be naive.

Do not be ‘shocked’.

Yes, a ‘muslim’ would attack the prophet’s mosque.

Muslims who follow a sick interpretation that understands respecting or loving the prophet too much is akin to worshipping him and not only that, that this gives them the right to destroy and kill as they please.

Yes, this has nothing to do with Islam.

But the zealots that committed this attack chose this holy month for very good reason. THEY believe what they are doing brings blessing and reward.

Yes, they follow an ideology of hatred, frustration, grandiosity and desire, the very things Islam seeks to squash within the human soul.

But to them it is the most authentic interpretation of Islam.

Yes, their interpretations are masked with false religiosity and over zealous literalism taken out of context.

But to them they are ‘following the quran and the sunnah’.

Think about that. And take it as a reminder as we force smiles on our faces during Eid. Think about what we have done to counter this hatred , or do we ignore that such an understanding exists through certain books , publishers and preachers?

What organizations like Nawawi Center, Dar al Quran, Al Ghazzali Centre, Seekers Hub, Zaytuna College, Nawawi Foundation and many many more try to achieve in spreading the peaceful, normative and authentic tradition of Islam through sound, scholarly knowledge, and developing their communities through positive action and education cannot be overlooked.

If you are not supporting good, you are allowing evil.

May Allah bless your Eid, accept your fast and worship, and preserve the bearers of guidance in this ummah.