AME Tramping Report!

Salaam everyone,

In week 2 of the AMEzing 10 week programme, the boys went tramping at Orton Bradley park!

On this fun trip there were 13 boys who attended as well as (with many thanks) 2 parents and another 2 adults who helped out on the day. Alhamdullilah there were also no injuries!!

Below is a report of the day from Dr Mohammad Zeidan.

How it all went down:

10:30 am: On Saturday the 8th of October, the day started where the boys left Masjeed An-Nur. They stopped at Kashmir hill for a quick 10 minute break before continuing on to their desired destination which was Orton Bradley park!

j11:45 am: The boys divided into their 3 groups and started the walk up to their first stop point “The Big rock”. This cool stop point allowed the boys to enjoy the view of Allah’s beautiful creations while having alittle bit to eat before carrying on.

They then carried on trekking through the forest, mud, over bridges and rivers until reaching the main event- the waterfall! At the waterfall the boys had their lunch and some free time where they climbed trees and
played around with the water.

After they played around for abit, the boys got into their groups again to present their talks about their specific muslim scientist. These included Ibn-Alhaytham, Ak-Khwarizmi and Ibn-Haiyan. Dr Mohammad Zeidan says “They had done a very good job! I asked them a few questions out of fun and gave them a direct reward” which included chocolate and lollies of course!


2:30 pm: At around this time, they all left the waterfall and underwent the journey back to the cars.

5:25 pm: Arrived back at Masjeed An-Nur from the fun and adeventurous tramp!




Dr Mohammad Zeidan comments:

  • The boys are full of energy
  • They like to do things
  • They prefer to be part of whats going on
  • They do follow instructions, but you have to be abit about the rules (they are still boys)
  • The day was successful and full of laughing moments

Boys feedback:

  • Fun!
  • They got to meet new people
  • They learnt new things about themselves
  • They built their confidence
  • Able to learn about the muslim scientists and what they had contributed to the society
  • Great place to have it!

Judging from the report from the day as well as this feedback, this activity was deemed a great success! Alhamdullilah~

InshaAllah the boys will enjoy the activities planned for rest of the AMEzing programme just as much as they enjoyed this one!




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We are considering a girl’s option too so please share your interest if this is something you’d be interested in!