Introducing Active Muslim Explorers!

img_2649Salaam everyone,

I am here to introduce the newest Nawawi project called Active Muslim Explorers AMEzing Programme. The name ‘Active Muslim Explorers’ represents a diverse group of boys that are between the ages from intermediate to highschool. It is a platform where they meet other Muslim boys learning new things and developing their Deen as they grow from childhood into adulthood.

AME higher!’ is the programme’s slogan as it encourages the boys to set up goals and ambitions which they could achieve.

The main focus of this AMEzing programme is to support them in loving and learning about the Creator through the creation. We have decided to use three Es as our motto; they are Exploring the world, Expanding the mind and Experiencing Islam.


The aim of this programme is to improve their confidence and make them proud AMEzing boys who will  increase in their takwa, iman and knowledge. This will result in them becoming great role models for their peers and community in the future InshaAllah.


❖ Encourage good Muslim role models

❖ Use Islamic and positive universal ethics to nurture emotional and psychological development

❖ Improve/strengthen their spiritual knowledge and Muslim identity

❖ Promote good social interactions among them and with other community

❖ Strengthen the bond between these children and their respective parents

❖Address specific social, emotional and spiritual challenges in an Islamic context

The 10 week programme kickstarted on October 1st which consisted of an orientation and picnic at Spencer Park followed by the boys embarking on a fun tramp through Orton Bradley Park in the second week. Many beneficial activities are to follow in the  next 8 weeks which will hopefully ignite and motivate the boys to develop and learn Islam as young Active Muslim Explorers!


Nawawi’s newly assigned graphic designer Zakkiyya Shah used her skills and got to work to design this logo which we as a team think represents the programme as a whole. The aim of the design is to look modern, youthful and ‘cool’. So that the AMEzing Boys wear this unique logo which represents their Islamic values with a lot of confidence. The design also represents the combination and balance of Kiwi and Muslim identity.


❖Orange stands for encouragement, determination and also SUCCESS

❖Green stands for the colour of life and nature. It is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, safety and the environment

❖Blue is the colour that symbolizes loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust

❖The Orange colour frames the blue/green of the logo

Orange = Physical/Action

Green/Blue = Spiritual/Belief/Mind/Soul


❖The Mountain represents ambition and strength as the slogan “AME Higher!” as well as New Zealand as the country is full of nature where they explore and learn new things.

❖The circle represents the Globe where they come from and Activities they do.

❖Lastly the moon and star represent Islam and is merged into the design.

Alhamdullilah this project is managed by an AMEzing team consisting of three individuals, each has their own strength, Sister Noraini, Dr. Sufian and Dr. M Zeidan. Not only are they involved in the logistics behind this programme but they are also involved in planning and conducting the sessions. Both Sister Noraini and Dr M. Zeidan have sons participate in this programme. We as a team encourage parents participation and involvement for their sons wellbeing. With the help of additional ideas and feedback from other team members, this programme InshaAllah will result in a rewarding success.

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I hope you enjoyed reading about this awesome new project!

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Just Contact us to express interest for your son in joining this program!!

We are considering a girl’s option too so please share your interest if this is something you’d be interested in!