8 weeks Nooraniyyah Intensive Tajweed Course

Well done, Srs Dalia and Ayesha! The Nooraniyyah tajweed system is very popular amongst non Arab learners of Quran.  The Islamfirstkids use this popular system to learn tajweed which enable them to read the Quran easily eventually. Recently, Sr Dalia Mohamed and Sr Ayesha Jones, decided to teach more adults with the hope that there Read more about 8 weeks Nooraniyyah Intensive Tajweed Course[…]

What’s happening?

Assalaamu’alaykum Everyone, The Canterbury Eid Festival will be coming soon, inshaaAllah. It will not be as BIG as the Auckland EID Festival. But we hope to achieve similarly in a smaller scale , inshaaAllah.   One of the reasons why we started this project is because we felt sorry for our children and grandchildren.  EID Read more about What’s happening?[…]