Stories of Light Tour: Malice in Wonderland

Prepare to be enthralled by the amazing Author and World Renown muslim story teller from the UK, Mehdet Maryam Sinclair as she stops by NZ on her tour of the Asia Pacific…  

Holiday Program Oct 2017

Lessons from the life of the Mighty Prophet Musa …with a special guest from the UK! Award Winning Author Maryam Sinclair The theme for this year’s Holiday Learning Programme in October 2017 will be “lessons from Prophet Musa”. Our main objective will be to introduce the children to prophet Musa, his life and the struggles Read more about Holiday Program Oct 2017[…]

8 weeks Nooraniyyah Intensive Tajweed Course

Well done, Srs Dalia and Ayesha! The Nooraniyyah tajweed system is very popular amongst non Arab learners of Quran.  The Islamfirstkids use this popular system to learn tajweed which enable them to read the Quran easily eventually. Recently, Sr Dalia Mohamed and Sr Ayesha Jones, decided to teach more adults with the hope that there Read more about 8 weeks Nooraniyyah Intensive Tajweed Course[…]

It’s Time to Give Back…

Khidmah Program Join our Monthly Volunteering Community Program “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth” – Muhammad Ali. Overview & Purpose This volunteering program organized by UCMUSA and the Nawawi Center aims to revive the soul with the simple acts of kindness that will get the community together Read more about It’s Time to Give Back…[…]

Nooraniyyah Intensive Course

Qaedah Nooraniyyah Intensive Course 2017 “Perfecting Allah’s Recitation”  31 March – 19 May, Fridays 7-9pm Upper Riccarton Library REGISTER HERE Program Description Qaeda Nooraniyya is a system of learning how to read the Quran with tajweed. This 8-week intensive course is for adults who can ALREADY read Quran but would like to: Learn how to Read more about Nooraniyyah Intensive Course[…]

Active Muslim Explorers

Register for the Active Muslim Explorer program below! Register your children in this special weekly program aimed to have our young ummah grow into confident, knowledgeable and proud Muslims that can be a role model to others. They will be achieving this through interactive workshops, outings, and other sessions that connect them with their muslim identity and increase Read more about Active Muslim Explorers[…]

The Medina Project

Becoming a Muslim in today’s environment can be a difficult experience for many. Our Medina Project was born for this reason, inspired by the residents who took in Islam’s early migrants seeking a new home to practice their faith freely. It is a Mentorship Program for New Muslims in Christchurch where we can set you up Read more about The Medina Project[…]

AME Interactive Talks

After completing their successful 10 week Active Muslim Explorers program, our AMEzing boys would still like to keep in touch during the school holidays. That’s why we’ve organized friday sessions where they can have informative, friendly discussions with an older role model. It is an interactive, short talk, followed by some sport activities. We don’t want to Read more about AME Interactive Talks[…]