April 25, 2016

Cultural Training


In today’s tense world of heightened awareness related to political terrorism, many in the Western world easily overlook the fact that over 1/5th of the world’s population are Muslim, and that dealing with Muslims is something unavoidable in today’s global economy.

The highly publicized discrimination that occurs on certain U.S based airlines and in many airports around the world when screening Muslims through security, (including our own team members!) are just a couple of the more publicized events that indicate the overwhelming ignorance towards this huge community.  Deeper research will show that this is the tip of the ice-berg.

It is for this reason that the Nawawi Center runs professional training and consultation services for a variety of organisations.  Service providers, NGO’s, Universities, Public Health Providers and various other organisations have used our consultation services to better understand the religious, cultural, political and secular mindsets prevalent in the Muslim world and improve staff interactions with members of the diverse and complex Muslim community.10399798_158617493738_6998061_n

Understanding the general Islamic principles and being aware of the nuances among diverse Muslim cultures and ethnicities will help your organisation:

  • Understand reasons for the ‘clash’ of Islamic practice and local culture
  • Reduce the risk of committing religious discrimination
  • Contribute towards building a more tolerant, peaceful community
  • Develop practical strategies in dealing with various scenarios

Common case scenarios where our training can be proven useful include:

  • Tourism Providers answering questions about Halal food options in their holiday packages
  • A Health Professional unsure of the appropriateness of viewing or touching a veiled Muslim woman
  • Police using a dog to search a Muslim’s vehicle and encountering resistance
  • A retail outlet unsure of what their policy should be towards Muslims praying in a service corridor

Our training can come in the form of seminars or more tailor-made consultation services.

For an information pack or if you have any inquiries regarding this initiative please contact us