August 9, 2016

Register a Stall for CEF16

Register a stall at the Canterbury Eid Festival – Eid Al Adha 2016

The Nawawi Center’s Canterbury Eid Festival is back for 2016!

This year we hope to have another great event where Muslim families can enjoy Eid with food stalls from a range of cultures. We welcome businesses and organizations promoting products and services relevant to the Muslim community too.However, this year, only about a dozen hand picked food stalls, will be allowed in this year!

We are a non-profit community organization and need as much help as possible to cover the costs of our hall hire, games, activities and administration costs. Our aim is to have an annual Canterbury Eid Festival that is self sustainable.

In order to achieve these goals we ask all potential stall owners to follow and keep in mind the following guidelines.

What you need to know as a food stall owner

  • No drinks allowed to be sold or shared. Drinks will be solely sold by the NC Cafeteria for fundraising purposes.
  • Please be advised that we reserve the right to reject (& refund) your application, put you on a waiting list, or ask you to share a stall.
  • Please pay within 3 days to avoid losing your place (bank details will follow your registration – please check your spam folder!)
  • All meats & products used  must follow halal guidelines. All meat must be certified halal.  Please check for non-halal emulsifiers, gelatine  and alcohol.
  • You are allowed to give away free products or food to the community as long as it is not an item that competes with a fellow stall. Please indicate this on the form if you intend to do this.
  • NO open flames are allowed indoors in the main hall.  (electric warmers/microwaves allowed)

Please read and follow these safety rules also: Food safety tips for selling food at occasional events

For further info on being a stall owner in NZ, visit this website.

Any questions?  Please contact us or call/text Sis Jumayah at 021 0409 131.

OK! Ready to register a stall?

Fill in the form below and click submit to register!

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