February 22, 2016

Nawawi Book Club

This short, weekly get together is designed for youth (aged 15+) , new muslims, converts, and anyone else seeking a sound, balanced understanding of the Islamic Tradition.
It is a ‘third space’ where one can feel comfortable asking tough questions about your faith and raise controversial issues that trouble you.
We will initially cover the newly released “Being Muslim” text, of which physical copies will be made available.
Due to the intimate nature of certain subjects covered and questions asked, there will be a sisters-only group held before a brothers-only group.
Sisters: 6.15pm
Brothers: 7.30pm
Held every friday at Upper Riccarton Library on 71 Main south Rd.
Attendance is via gold coin donation and free for those under 18.
Spaces are limited and you must confirm your place by registering below: