March 17, 2017

Nooraniyyah Intensive Course

Qaedah Nooraniyyah Intensive Course 2017

“Perfecting Allah’s Recitation” 

31 March – 19 May, Fridays 7-9pm

Upper Riccarton Library


Program Description

Qaeda Nooraniyya is a system of learning how to read the Quran with tajweed. This 8-week intensive course is for adults who can ALREADY read Quran but would like to:

  • Learn how to teach the Nooraniyya system
  • Read with the correct tajweed rules and pronunciation
  • Learn fundamental (basic) tajweed rules

Classes will be held at Upper Riccarton Library (7-9pm). Space is extremely limited as classes are small (15 pax).

*No children allowed


$25 per person (includes book, notes etc)

Class Dates:

You must be able to attend ALL eight sessions at Upper Riccarton Library below. Spots are limited to 15 people!

31 March

7 April

21 April

28 April

5 May

12 May

19 May

26 May

Who can register?

All adults over 16 (male & female) at an Intermediate Quran level.

You MUST already be fluent in reading Quran. You don’t have to be perfect, but as long as you can open any page in the Quran and read then you are welcome to join.

You MUST be able to attend all 8 sessions.

Please register HERE


What is the Qaedah Nooraniyyah system?

The Qaedah Nooraniyyah system is a methodology of learning how to read the Quran. It is popular because of it’s tajweed intergration early into the learning.