Canterbury Eid Festival 2016 : DeenQuest

Good morning, salaams, and hello, Our team of DeenGuards are hard at work finalising the last of the DeenQuest (DQ) challenges for you! The DeenGuards are the caretaker of each of the challenges’ categories in the DeenQuest. There will be 3 categories, Body, Mind & Spirit and within each category, there are 5 challenges, each worth Read more about Canterbury Eid Festival 2016 : DeenQuest[…]

Life after the Canterbury Eid Festival 2015

Aah so where do we begin? Some of you might ask why big boss Zayed himself isn’t writing this blogpost. Apparently, the general consensus is that I was the one who was the least busy on the day and appeared to be in the best position to gauge how the event was panning out. Although Read more about Life after the Canterbury Eid Festival 2015[…]

What’s happening?

Assalaamu’alaykum Everyone, The Canterbury Eid Festival will be coming soon, inshaaAllah. It will not be as BIG as the Auckland EID Festival. But we hope to achieve similarly in a smaller scale , inshaaAllah.   One of the reasons why we started this project is because we felt sorry for our children and grandchildren.  EID Read more about What’s happening?[…]

The Cultural Lounge!

Over the past few weeks, a group of us along with our team leader, Asayal, have been busy designing and planning the cultural lounge for the upcoming Eid Festival. We are super psyched to announce that the cultural lounge will be a major feature of the festival and will be situated upstairs near the café Read more about The Cultural Lounge![…]

DeenQuest is here!

Long time fans of Nawawi Center will know what the DeenQuest is all about. After all, a retreat without the DeenQuest is no retreat at all.

Well, now this popular challenge race is part of the upcoming Eid Festival too!

But whether you are a long time fan or not, throw out what you know about the DeenQuest. Because it has been re-imagined from the ground up. […]

Eid planning : Being a part of the Nawawi team!

  Finally! Celebrating Eid with the Christchurch community! In a non-muslim country, I’ve always found it quite difficult to really celebrate Eid without feeling the festive community vibes. If you’ve lived overseas….you’ve definitely felt this too i’m sure! And as a Muslim student, I’ve always felt a lack of community within the Muslims in Christchurch and Read more about Eid planning : Being a part of the Nawawi team![…]

Donuts! Yay!

Assalaamu alaykum everyone, Just to share with you the awesome news. Nawawi Center is pleased to accept the donation of 200 fresh doughnuts from our kind sponsor. The yummy doughnuts will be used to fundraise for the Eid Festival on Sunday 27th September. The “Donut Boutique”,  a company consisting of three creative, innovative and enterprising Muslimahs in Christchurch. Freshly Read more about Donuts! Yay![…]