Canterbury Eid Festival 2016: It’s a wrap

Canterbury Eid Festival 2016 =  Alhamdullillah. Masha Allah. AllahuAkbar.  I can’t say anything that could top that really. Everything that we had planned turned out beautifully and I can’t ask for a much better outcome. The atmosphere was electric, you can feel the happiness and excitement in the air as guests trickle into the hall with Read more about Canterbury Eid Festival 2016: It’s a wrap[…]

Nawawi Book Club

This short, weekly get together is designed for youth (aged 15+) , new muslims, converts, and anyone else seeking a sound, balanced understanding of the Islamic Tradition.   It is a ‘third space’ where one can feel comfortable asking tough questions about your faith and raise controversial issues that trouble you.   We will initially Read more about Nawawi Book Club[…]