Canterbury Eid Festival 2016 : DeenQuest

Good morning, salaams, and hello, Our team of DeenGuards are hard at work finalising the last of the DeenQuest (DQ) challenges for you! The DeenGuards are the caretaker of each of the challenges’ categories in the DeenQuest. There will be 3 categories, Body, Mind & Spirit and within each category, there are 5 challenges, each worth Read more about Canterbury Eid Festival 2016 : DeenQuest[…]

Canterbury Eid Festival returns in 2016

Assalamualaikum everyone and hello, New Zealand will celebrate the second Eid (ul Adha) tomorrow Tues, 13th Sept 2016. Firstly, I wish you and your family a happy and blessed Eid. Secondly, we are proud to inform that the Canterbury Eid Festival is back again this year! The same team that brought Canterbury’s first ever Eid Festival is Read more about Canterbury Eid Festival returns in 2016[…]

Summer Souq ’16 Relay Race

Salaams and hi guys! What’s summer without some fun in the sun? I’ve been waiting for so long to make this announcement and the day is finally here! Announcing the Summer Souq ’16 RELAY RACE! *Cue trumpet* What is it? If you like challenges, are competitive, and work well under pressure, then this Race is Read more about Summer Souq ’16 Relay Race[…]

Life after the Canterbury Eid Festival 2015

Aah so where do we begin? Some of you might ask why big boss Zayed himself isn’t writing this blogpost. Apparently, the general consensus is that I was the one who was the least busy on the day and appeared to be in the best position to gauge how the event was panning out. Although Read more about Life after the Canterbury Eid Festival 2015[…]